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K. Siddharth: Chief Mentor – ENSEMBLE: Teachers are like wine, the older they become the better they become the tastier, they become. This is what 16 years of teaching has made me: an old wine. I have seen, observed some of the best students as to how they qualify, how they deviate away from their path lose respect for their talent and how they become unsuccessful. Teaching for Civil Services has become more like training, guiding students to religiously reproduce the material which they must memorize, rather than encouraging them to go for reform through innovation. Students may find it easy to reproduce and never realize as to why they could not qualify for the examination only much later.
The consortium initiated by Sri Chaitanya by drawing the most experienced people from coaching industry is aimed at a real qualitative improvement of the teaching standards in India and make it better than most of the teaching imparted in India. Our consortium is moving a step ahead giving emphasis on mentoring rather than teaching, reforming rather than strengthening the already existing beliefs.

The teaching and the classroom course is being completely transformed, in some places radically by the most passionate and experienced teachers whose teaching is now going to be completely blended with technology and the management experience of Sri Chaitanya of last 30 years. What mentoring can do to you is experienced to be believed.

We do not have any doubt that we will transform you to success.
Sri Soubhik Sen- Chief Mentor, STEPS IAS Academy has been known as the one stop solution for Psychology optional and Geography as well as International Relation component of G. S. Sri Soubhik Sen is known for stimulating thinking capability of the students which make them stand apart from the crowd in examination. With the distinction of having produced highest scores and ranks in Psychology for last four consecutive years, make the subject simple. The course of Psychology completes before the main exam. Sri Soubhik Sen is appreciated for conducting interactive classes, brainstorming and training for answer writing both in terms of substance as well as expression.
Public Administration
Sri Smar Ranjan, an Associate Member of Indian Institute of Public Administration and experienced faculty of Public Administration & Indian Polity of G. S., is known for guiding students with personal attention and unique marks fetching approach. He is an expert in training students for writing creative answers with lucid examples. He has credit for contributing in deferent segments in General Studies books also.
Instructors of Sociology, Sri Venkata Mohan & Sri Sunil Kumar Singh have established names in the subject. Former a product of IIT Chennai has two decorated books to his credit i.e. Sociological Thought & India's Foreign Policy, while, later a product of Jawaharlal Nehru University is one of the most dynamic names in the subject. He is continuously producing series of bureaucrats year after year Anjani Jha (5th) & Sanjeet Kumar (in 2012) are to name a few. They together help you to develop right perspective along with the required update to meet out the changing paradigm in the UPSC examination so that the students can develop flair in thought process & writing skills
Sri K. Shivesh, director of Achievers IAS has been mentoring aspirants for history optional subject and G. S. component for last ten years successfully. His approach of teaching has been very innovative and marks fetching. He is the earliest exponent of multi disciplinary approach, which leads to by the students.
Dr. S. P. Jha, Gold Medalist JRF, Ph. D. Oxford University, is a seasoned faculty for Philosophy. He is credited for horsing made Philosophy on popular optional in English Medium. His in-depth knowledge and analysis in the subjects is worth appreciating.